Upon mentioning how, now that I’ve lost all previous Feast of Dan material I could easily re-hash old blog posts, my immediate memory of such were the ones concerning Radha Mitchell’s boobs.

So then I got to thinking.

I remember a time when I was a “boobs man”. Hell, I think you’ll find that every young man between the ages of 10 and 18 is such, due to the fact that it’s the most notable feature on a woman that’s different to us men and therefore, more attractive. Yet once this is established, and I can only speak personally here, one begins to notice the finer details of a woman, and just how wonderful they can be. One starts to notice unique things like:

  • How she walks
  • How she holds herself
  • How she sneezes
  • How she dresses
  • How she smells, and chooses to smell
  • How she eats
  • How she treats other people
  • How she looks in “dem jeans”
  • How she sleeps
  • How she holds her drink
  • How she walks
  • And etc etc for days and days…

But the point is, that while I do appreciate Radha’s wonderful pair of boobs and am very thankful to see them every time I have to watch this freaking movie, at heart, I’m a leg man.

Fellow men, especially those who are adamant boob men, I dare you to google the “Single Ladies” film clip and disagree with a brother.

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