All this business about the axing of The Circle has me up in arms.

Though not in the way you’d expect.

The loss of yet another decent Australian program has confirmed that one of my biggest life gripes, perhaps even the biggest one, is how we never appreciate what we have until we no longer have it. Complacency and taking things for granted has slowly but very surely become simply a part of this 21st century life. The Circle had been running for almost 3 years. This cancellation has a lot of people upset because, for once, they felt that quality Australian content was possible after all, and The Circle was proving this. The hard truth however is that, had the amount of love and affection currently being thrown upon the program occurred during it’s run, I’d have had to think of something else to write about tonight.

In Feast of Love, I often wonder if Selma Blair feels this way. Once she discovers her lesbian ways and leaves Greg Kinnear for a woman, we never see or hear from her again. Which is a shame because I’m very interested to find out how a relationship flourishes, when it only started because another ended. So too, I wonder if, much like these “die-hard fans” of The Circle, Selma lays in bed some nights lamenting her decision to end her marriage, yet only doing so because she doesn’t have it anymore.

Hmmm… thoughts.