Tonight I was with my lover and all I could think about was another.

I’ve been seeing the one I was with tonight for much of the year. In fact, all of it. The other, has been a classic case of on-again, off-again for almost 5 years now. I’ve been with Feast of Love every day of the year, but up until recently I rekindled my romance with Mad Men due to her imminent makeover (a.k.a. Season 5). A month or so ago MM and I got back in touch and immediately reminisced about the past, catching up on all the ups and downs our our relationship from Season 1 to the end of 4. Now, this last week, I’ve been with MM Season 5 almost every night, all the while still seeing FoL.

Yes. I’m an arse hole.

But MM and I have such a history that we’ll likely never ever be apart, unless AMC or Matthew Weiner intervene. Though once I realised my cheating ways tonight, something occurred to me:

Is it possible that MM feels better than ever before, due only to the fact that it often follows something I’ve seen every day this year and am frankly, pretty sick and tired of by now?

MM is amazing, don’t get me wrong. Though it’s possible that my relationship with MM is now so good, only because mine with FoL is so bad.