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The most dramatic action yields the fastest result.

At least, that’s Radha Mitchell’s thinking.

In her quest to trade a naively faithful husband in Kinnear for her long-term booty call in David, Mitchell figures out a way in which to do all of this in the most painful, quickest way possible. Since the “we have to talk” conversation can be ever so dramatic and drawn-out, Mitchell figures that if she (literally) does away with her wedding ring and publicly makes out with David, word will eventually get back to Kinnear and he’ll storm out in a rage and that will be that. So, Mitchell sticks to this plan and is proven right and then I considered this:

In life, what hurts the most will do so for the shortest time.

Marinate on that for a bit and I’ll follow up laterz…


If you’re heart’s not in it, chances are it never will.

It’s 7:30pm on a Friday night. Following one too many after-work drinks, you’re en route to a night on the couch with some dinner, a few DVD’s, and some “me” time. The most anticipated of these is dinner, where you’re pretty freaking excited to get in the kitchen and git kreative. Though with a stomach containing nothing more than those post-work wines and a patience wearing thin, you find yourself overcome with the myriad of options of exactly what to make for dinner. Homemade pizza? Stir-fry? Some wicked pasta thing? After too long and only in the interest of getting the hell out of the supermarket, you rally up the ingredients required for your creative stir-fry. Both because you enjoy stir-fries and also because you already have most of the ingredients in your basket anyway. At the checkout, on the way home and even as you put oil in the pan you’re in two minds about the decision you made. Then, just as you cue the DVD and take the phone off the hook and have the first forkful of delicious stir-fry in your hand, you decide that yes, you should’ve made a pizza.

When it comes to food or work or love, if you’re any less than 100% sure of your situation from day one, then you’ll never be. Don’t be like Greg Kinnear and force a relationship with Radha Mitchell that deep down you know isn’t what you want/need or will work. Be honest with yourself, and it won’t be hard for you to be so with others.


Upon mentioning how, now that I’ve lost all previous Feast of Dan material I could easily re-hash old blog posts, my immediate memory of such were the ones concerning Radha Mitchell’s boobs.

So then I got to thinking.

I remember a time when I was a “boobs man”. Hell, I think you’ll find that every young man between the ages of 10 and 18 is such, due to the fact that it’s the most notable feature on a woman that’s different to us men and therefore, more attractive. Yet once this is established, and I can only speak personally here, one begins to notice the finer details of a woman, and just how wonderful they can be. One starts to notice unique things like:

  • How she walks
  • How she holds herself
  • How she sneezes
  • How she dresses
  • How she smells, and chooses to smell
  • How she eats
  • How she treats other people
  • How she looks in “dem jeans”
  • How she sleeps
  • How she holds her drink
  • How she walks
  • And etc etc for days and days…

But the point is, that while I do appreciate Radha’s wonderful pair of boobs and am very thankful to see them every time I have to watch this freaking movie, at heart, I’m a leg man.

Fellow men, especially those who are adamant boob men, I dare you to google the “Single Ladies” film clip and disagree with a brother.


Day 144 - Bjorn Again

It can either be annoying, humbling or necessary for personal growth, but like it or not, life will always work out a way to set you back.

This past Tuesday I awoke to log on to Tumblr and revisit an old draft, while also reminding myself of how witty I’d been the previous night. Yet soon after the Safari predictive address function completed my request for, only the above appeared. In the old days of dial-up the rest of the webpage would have fully loaded upon my return from an hour-long run. Although very, very unfortunately, we no longer live in the stone age of dial-up internet so thus seeing what I saw become a tad more alarming. 


For reasons still unknown, it appears that everything I’ve worked on over the last 6 months regarding Feast of Dan has vanished. While shock, disappointment and bewilderment were understandably my immediate reactions, I can honestly say that these feelings were surprisingly quick to dissipate. Once the short grieving period had been done with, the only thought left remaining was “how do I turn this around and Just. Get. On. With. It?”

And so here we are. “Day 144”.

Getting on with it.

While every word, photo and mention of Radha Mitchell’s generous bush has now long gone, at the end of the day, I still know what I did. Plus, I still have to watch this fucking movie. Any proof of what I’ve achieved here over 6 months ceases to exist though myself and my Mum and the other 2 people who regularly read this rubbish know what I wrote, and how I wrote it… and that’s one thing that can’t be deleted. So too, most of what I’d previously written about can now be re-hashed as “new material” for those Feast of Dan late-comers, and most importantly yes, I did save the photo of me in the bath. 

So all is not lost.