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Further proof that (most) men don’t need much in order to get the juices flowing. 

It’s a shame that we never hear about Chloe’s background. And what’s an even bigger shame is that Oscar sees no need in seeking such. On the very night of their first meeting (you know, the night were Chloe goes back to Oscar’s house and sleeps with him and the theme of her never wearing a bra is set in motion) Chloe is very inquisitive about this new man. And rightfully so. As a result, we learn of Oscar’s Mum who left home when he was young and all about his abusive, alcoholic father and then his own drug-ridden past and subsequent road-to-sobriety. So by this time, not only is Chloe just gagging for it, but we, and Chloe obviously, know about as much of Oscar’s “heavy stuff” as one would need. They make out, yada, yada, yada, Chloe stays over, and they begin a wonderful relationship that leads to them buying a house and Oscar dying of a heart attack… all without ever getting to know who the real Chloe is.

Men, as a rule, will generally go for just about anything with great legs, nice teeth and a head of hair. A woman can walk into a room and we’re already aroused. While this is very comforting for women, it takes away any real need for men to be aroused in any other ways, which are arguably the better ways. For men, it’s one thing to be sitting across from a woman and think, “fuck this girl is so cute I just wanna lay one one her”. Yet, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to sit across from a woman and think, ”fuck this girl is so cute AND what she ‘s saying and how she’s saying it is so attractive that I wanna lay one on her even more than I normally would!”.

This, for mankind, is one of life’s great moments. Though unfortunetly for Oscar, he’s unable to appreciate the beauty of such an event because “chatty Cathy Chloe” won’t let him get a word in before summing him up in under 5 minutes and jumping his bones.

Life fact: Talking to a girl can be just as arousing as looking at a girl.


Upon mentioning how, now that I’ve lost all previous Feast of Dan material I could easily re-hash old blog posts, my immediate memory of such were the ones concerning Radha Mitchell’s boobs.

So then I got to thinking.

I remember a time when I was a “boobs man”. Hell, I think you’ll find that every young man between the ages of 10 and 18 is such, due to the fact that it’s the most notable feature on a woman that’s different to us men and therefore, more attractive. Yet once this is established, and I can only speak personally here, one begins to notice the finer details of a woman, and just how wonderful they can be. One starts to notice unique things like:

  • How she walks
  • How she holds herself
  • How she sneezes
  • How she dresses
  • How she smells, and chooses to smell
  • How she eats
  • How she treats other people
  • How she looks in “dem jeans”
  • How she sleeps
  • How she holds her drink
  • How she walks
  • And etc etc for days and days…

But the point is, that while I do appreciate Radha’s wonderful pair of boobs and am very thankful to see them every time I have to watch this freaking movie, at heart, I’m a leg man.

Fellow men, especially those who are adamant boob men, I dare you to google the “Single Ladies” film clip and disagree with a brother.