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When you know things are too good to be true, once your suspicion is proven right you’re as much disappointed as you are relieved to find out you were right in the first place, and also intrigued to know just how.

This case is most common in the early days of a really great relationship. Following several dates you’ll be convinced that this person is so good looking and witty and charming that there may well be nothing at all wrong with them. A few dates later, and you’re actually thinking this might be it. Game over. Monday morning - ring shopping. Yet before you make it to Tiffany’s or Cash Converters or whatever your fancy, comes the moment that sows the seeds of suspicion which soon sprout into branches of doubt.

It can start with one seemingly little thing, which is only magnified by the weeks or months of suspicion that you’ve harboured. Nevertheless, that bad clothing choice or Dad joke or racist remark your partner makes can prove to be the start of something - something which sets in motion the demise of the greatest relationship ever, simply because it opened your eyes to all that was existent the whole time you were wearing rose-coloured glasses.

And so how does this relate to Feast of Love you ask? 

When describing Radha to Mr. and Mrs. Driving Miss Daisy, Greg Kinnear agrees on how great looking his wife-to-be is. So much so, that he utters the phrase: “heck knows what she sees me”.

This my friends, the whole “heck” thing, would be a deal-breaker for me. Or it would at least set into motion my doubts about someone who I initially thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. For you see, it can be something as potentially Tom Petty as this, but you’ll soon find out, and be relieved to do so, that it’s just the tip of an iceberg that you’ll never want to see again.



Day 144 - Bjorn Again

It can either be annoying, humbling or necessary for personal growth, but like it or not, life will always work out a way to set you back.

This past Tuesday I awoke to log on to Tumblr and revisit an old draft, while also reminding myself of how witty I’d been the previous night. Yet soon after the Safari predictive address function completed my request for, only the above appeared. In the old days of dial-up the rest of the webpage would have fully loaded upon my return from an hour-long run. Although very, very unfortunately, we no longer live in the stone age of dial-up internet so thus seeing what I saw become a tad more alarming. 


For reasons still unknown, it appears that everything I’ve worked on over the last 6 months regarding Feast of Dan has vanished. While shock, disappointment and bewilderment were understandably my immediate reactions, I can honestly say that these feelings were surprisingly quick to dissipate. Once the short grieving period had been done with, the only thought left remaining was “how do I turn this around and Just. Get. On. With. It?”

And so here we are. “Day 144”.

Getting on with it.

While every word, photo and mention of Radha Mitchell’s generous bush has now long gone, at the end of the day, I still know what I did. Plus, I still have to watch this fucking movie. Any proof of what I’ve achieved here over 6 months ceases to exist though myself and my Mum and the other 2 people who regularly read this rubbish know what I wrote, and how I wrote it… and that’s one thing that can’t be deleted. So too, most of what I’d previously written about can now be re-hashed as “new material” for those Feast of Dan late-comers, and most importantly yes, I did save the photo of me in the bath. 

So all is not lost.