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Greg Kinnear could have saved a pinky finger, and a considerable medical bill, had he simply remembered the negatives.

What sounds like an awful life choice is actually a positive.

At the conclusion of any great life experience it’s so easy to look back and see nothing but the good times. The juiciest part of a roast chicken sandwich. That one time after-work drinks started at 4 ,instead of 5. The exact middle sheet of a toilet paper roll and how freaking good it felt. It’s nice to reminisce sure, but all the while you’re overlooking that bone you chomped in to and the fact that you’re working a shitty office job and getting excited about toilet paper. It’s natural to want to re-live good times like these, though it’s only then that you realise why you left a scenario in the first place. You re-live, make the same mistake again, and are back to square one.

For Kinnear, wanting so desperately to have his life with Selma back, he can only list the positives of their relationship. Though he had more chance of moving on with his life completely, if he’d simply done this:

To forget a relationship, you need to remember the negatives.



What I’m perhaps mourning more than anything else since losing all 6 months of Feast of Dan blog posts, are all my witty titles.